UK snow forecast: New charts unveil 'big UK freeze' set to bring seven days of 'disruption – Express

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Britain is on the cusp of seeing widespread snow – with even the south not evading wintry showers in the coming days. That’s according to Jim Dale, a meteorologist for British Weather Services, who made the confirmation to this morning. He said: “Latest charts extend snow into south and prolong the freeze for between five to seven days. These are fair possibilies given the airstream.” Earlier this week he said a ‘mini troll’ weather front from Scandinavia would bring a “transient” plunge to the country’s otherwise mild start to January.

While this frontal system is no Beast from the East, it’s still enough to see parts of Scotland endure a bitter -11C drop at dusk. Tony Zartman, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather told “Temperatures next week do in fact appear to be below normal for this time of the year and certainly colder than what we have been experiencing lately.
“For instance, high temperatures in London next Monday through Friday look to be 5-9 C (40-47F) with lows at night -3 to 2C (26-35C). Much of the time may see the lower end of those range of temperatures.
“As far as snow potential, the greatest chance for accumulating snow will be across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern parts of England, even at lower elevations. Across the south, it is not out of the question that precipitation can be wintry at times. However, there are still uncertainties and timing issues this far in advance.”
Weather maps from WXCHARTS show the mercury stradding 0C for much of England overnight on Tuesday, with Scotland’s temperatures tumbling to between -5C and -11C. 

UK weather mapsUK weather mapsIn northern England, the picture is similar – with Newcastle’s thermometers set to hit -4C overnight. Initially, this cold spell was thought to be short and sharp, lasting three days at most. 
But new charts are now showing the mercury is not set to recover until January 23, when temperatures may spike at 5C in the south and between 1C to 2C in the north. In terms of snowfall, the first lot could hit northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and central Wales by Monday evening. 
By midday on Tuesday this will start back up again, this time blanketing much of Ireland in its entirety, more of Wales, and even large swathes of the south west. By Wednesday at 6am, people in London could also be waking up to a light dusting. 
The precise amount of snow for each area cannot be predicted as yet, but indications from WXCHARTS show that the north of England could be under a 4cm snow blanket by mid-week. 
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UK snow chartUK weather mapBrian Gaze, from the Weather Outlook, told about why the snow risk, which was last seen in December, will be on its way back next week.
He said: “The risk of snow is set to return next week as winds turn into a north or northwesterly direction and cold Arctic air sweeps southwards across the UK. The air stream looks unstable with areas of low pressure bringing an ongoing risk of showers or longer spells of rain, sleet and snow.
“At this stage it is too early to pin down the details, but heavy falls of snow are most likely over high ground in the north. Nonetheless, the risk of snow may extend to the south on some days with higher ground such as the Chilterns and Cotswolds being most likely to see accumulations.
“Nighttime frosts become widespread and computer models are suggesting temperatures could drop as low as -12C in Scotland and -8C in the southern half of Britain. After the mild and wet start to the year it will be a shock to the system. The cold conditions probably last for much of next week.”
Aidan McGivern, a presenter and meteorologist from the Met Office added: “Next week, the jet stream is a bit more amplified and it’s coming at the UK from the northwest rather than from the west like recent days. This subtle change into the start of next week will see colder weather coming in and rather than prolonged bouts of rain from the west, we’re likely to see rain and showers coming from the northwest.
“These showers from the north could fall as snow over the high parts of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland later in the weekend, and as we move through next week often below average temperatures could support a mixture of rain, hail sleet and snow. Most of any snow accumulation is likely over higher parts of the northern UK. 
“However, at this point significant differences in the computer models emerge. Most solutions lead to some unsettled weather, but the distribution of the rainfall and where we’re likely to see any snow varies as well. On Tuesday next week, the greatest risk of snow will be across northern parts of the UK, perhaps central areas and mostly over the hills.”

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