UK facing month-long snow chaos as weather maps show exactly where is set to be hit – Express

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The latest on WXCharts show subzero temperatures covering the entire country by the next week. The north half of Britain will bear the brunt of the weather, according to the latest forecast maps. Temperatures could drop as low as -13C on Thursday next week, as snow flurries begin to drift across much of the country.
Despite the dramatic drop in temperatures next week, most of the UK will be denied a White Christmas this weekend, according to the Met Office.
The recent mild weather will mean the Scottish Highlands is the only part of the UK likely to see snow on Christmas.
However, following Christmas, the mild temperatures will give way to an Arctic blast.
Temperatures will drop down into freezing again before the snow arrives.
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WXCHARTSNETWEATHERThe Met Office has released a Christmas Day snow warning for Scotland as the country expects another cold snap. The warning states that people should expect “frequent blustery snow showers” that are “likely to cause some travel disruption to higher routes”.
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Maps on WXCharts warn snow could hit parts of the country on Boxing Day.
The maps show snow covering eastern Scotland while freezing rain will turn to snow across the north-east and north-west of England.
This could cover both Manchester and Newcastle by Monday.
Up to 1cm of snow could drop every hour according to the maps.
Into next week, snow is forecast to blanket Northern Ireland and northern England on the day before New Year’s Eve.

SNOWsnowThe deep freeze and snow chaos looks set to continue into the new year.
Weather charts on NetWeather show snow blanketing much of Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England, and the Midlands by the 8th of January.
There are fears Britain could be heading to a bitterly cold period similar to the Beast from the East in 2018.
James Madden, the forecaster for Exacta Weather, has warned that Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) could cause air high above the North Pole to collapse.
This would push the Arctic air into Northern Europe, sparking an even longer period of cold and snow.
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WEATHERSNOWMr Maden told GB News: “Temperatures will drop in the run-up to Christmas.
“This could bring the risk of snow to parts of the country, some of which may fall to lower levels.
“The rest of December and January are showing signs of frequent spells of cold wintry weather with below-average temperatures and numerous wintry blasts.
“We could now be looking at a lengthy cold period setting in for a number of weeks and the potential for some of the coldest and snowiest weather since December 2010.”
Mr Madden predicts the third weekend of January to be the peak of the upcoming wintry blast.

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