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Here’s today’s Wordle #291 solution plus a helpful hint.
Welcome to another installment of Wordle as a begin my comeback journey after a recent failure. Today’s word is interesting, a little tough, but I did manage to get it in three, so I’m pretty proud of that.
Wordle continues to show no signs of abating as a daily routine for millions of players. With 2,200+ winning words in the pool, it should be years until we start to run low, and it’s really only a been a few months since this trend blew up. Then we what, move to six letters? Why not.

Before we go any further here, I will caution you with a spoiler warning in case you only want a hint and do not want the actual answer outright. In this case, I will tell you that the answer is in both of the last two sentences in this paragraph, including this one. This one, too. You’ll understand in a minute here.
The answer is…
Yeah so this was a pretty weird one. Obviously we all know what a comma is, but in the Wordle guessing game, you would rarely think to have two Ms, much less two together, so I can see a lot of people dancing around that until they get it.
As for my own guessing journey today, I started with my usual CRANE, which got me the first letter right off the bat, and an A in the mix somewhere. Then I guessed CAMPS, which worked with all the remaining criteria, but Wordle does not seem to love plural words all that much, so that wasn’t right. It did get me the M in the correct spot. But at that point, things were getting weird, and I had to figure out where on earth that A went. I probably stared at this for ten minutes, and I couldn’t even formulate a single guess using the remaining criteria. Finally, I got to COMMA as something clicked in my brain, and there we go.
So, an interesting one today, I hope you got it in the end. We’ll see how the rest of this week turns out from here as I slowly rebuild my streak.
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