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How to solve today’s Wordle.
Isn’t life strange?
That’s something I think to myself all the time. What a strange, winding road life takes us on. Very few of us end up where we thought we’d be when we were young and full of dreams and anxieties.
I was always in a rush when I was younger. But I had a hard time knowing what I really wanted. Often, what I wanted seemed to conflict with the various choices I made. Every choice you make ripples out and impacts your life in all kinds of ways you never really expect and can’t possibly predict. One day you wake up and you’re a father. A divorcee. In love, and then out of it again. Broken-hearted and then content. One day you wake up and you’re a whole lot older than you remember being, but you still feel young at heart. How did we get here, to this moment in time?
There’s a beauty in it also. Even when you end up living a completely different life than the one you thought you’d live, it can be full of unexpected joys and wonders.
I certainly never expected to be writing a daily Wordle column, but look at me now!
Speaking of which . . . .
The Warning: Spoiler territory ahead. Just thought a friendly warning was in order.
The Hint: High up.
The Clue: One letter in this word can be a vowel or a consonant. Today it’s a vowel.
The Answer:
Wordle answer
I got so crazy lucky with my second guess today. My first guess, tribe, was not so great, only reducing the possible solutions down to 229 (which could have been worse).
Where did potty come from? I honestly wavered between that and poopy which would have been almost as good a guess. I think I sometimes regress back to my kid brain and get a kick out of potty humor. I also figured with the double ‘T’ I’d have more chances to get it in the right spot, which ended working pretty perfectly.
I thought of three different words for guess #3: monty, softy and lofty. I very nearly went with monty (because of Monty Python of course) but then I thought maybe it wouldn’t be on the solution list, so I went with lofty because it’s a great word and I had to pick something. I was lucky and got it right.
Happy Saturday, weekend warriors! Go be free! Carpe diem!


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