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Here’s today’s Wordle #351 answer plus a helpful hint for Sunday, June 5th.
Welcome back to another installment of “here’s the Wordle answer” where I tell you what the Wordle answer is today. It’s a pretty simple concept, provided I don’t screw up the puzzle myself, and then it can get a little more complicated.
Thankfully, today’s Wordle did not trip me up and I got it in three, despite my starter word being almost a complete miss on its own. Things turned around with my second guess and I got it. I don’t think this is the hardest word I’ve seen, but who knows, depending on what letters you’re working with, any answer can be tricky.

Before I give you the answer I will preface this section with a spoiler warning in case you ended up here by accident. But ahead of that, I will give you one final hint before we get into it. It’s a type of measurement. That could be a whole lot of things, but maybe that narrows it down for you.
And the answer is…
I have been measuring height, width and depth for roughly 50 trips to The Container Store as my wife organizes our closets now that we have a new baby, so maybe that’s how I was able to get it so easily.
As for my actual guessing, I started with my usual CRANE, which missed everything but the E, which was in the wrong place. From there I guessed DEBTS with the information I had, and that actually struck gold, giving me the DE and T. Then it was just a matter of thinking on it for a minute or two and I was able to come up with DEPTH in short order.
So yeah, that was a pretty good one. Hopefully you were able to keep your streak alive. See you next time!
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