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Here’s today’s Wordle solution.
Well here we go again, folks. We’ve reached the middle-point. The halfway mark. And yet, at the same time, the end. It’s midweek Wednesday and also the last day of August. From here out, we enter the pale grey-blue of September.
Why pale grey-blue? I’m not sure. Each month has a ‘color’ for me. June is yellow. July is orange. August is a deep red. October is also orange, though a ruddier version. November is grey. And so forth.
Do you ever have color-associations like that? I know other people who do. Who associate colors with different letters of the alphabet or with people they know and so forth.
In any case, let’s take a look at today’s Wordle!
Spoilers await! You’ve been warned!
The Hint: Something for the victorious.
The Clue: This word has a 10-point letter in it.
The Answer:
Today’s Wordle
So I chose power because The Rings Of Power comes out this week on Amazon Prime Video. That’s the big Lord Of The Rings series that reportedly cost $1 billion to make and has driven plenty of hype and controversy since it was announced.
Well, it was a lucky guess, narrowing my choices down to just 24. Pride was an even better guess, rearranging my yellow boxes into green and giving me a green ‘I’ in the process. But now, of course, there were some hard choices to make.
I jumped on prime because it was also rather fitting, given Rings Of Power comes out on Amazon Prime, but alas this was not the answer. The answer was, fittingly, the prize itself.
If you plan on watching The Rings Of Power or if you’re watching House Of The Dragon on HBO currently, consider following me here on this blog as I’m reviewing both shows as they air! I’m also on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like to say hello!


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