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Move Deck
We are just a half day away from the launch of the new Marvel Snap season, so you better make sure all your decks are up to par. As part of my ongoing series where I will be posting all of my decks until I run out of them, today we are focus on a style of deck I used to hate, but now I kind of like after I got a few more cards for it: the move deck.
The Marvel Snap move deck requires you to bounce your cards all around the board, buffing them as you do so, and allow you to hop into closed lanes or ones where you can’t play cards.
There are many variations to this, but some core staples across all move decks. Here’s my main move deck using a few of my most recent Pool 3 pulls:
1 – Human Torch – My most recent pull, and given that he doubles power every move, he can get real big, especially when paired with Forge or Hulkbuster. More utility than Nightcrawler in this spot if you ask me.
1 – Iron Fist – For bumping Vulture or Torch or a Hulkbustered Multiple Man over when you play them. Don’t play him turn one unless you have a specific follow-up in mind.
2 – Dagger – Another new Pool 3 card for me. You can pair her with Cloak to make sure you are maximizing her value by moving her to a clustered enemy location.
2 – Forge– Great for pumping up cards like Multiple Man, Human Torch, Vulture
2 – Kraven – Put him toward the left where you know most of your guys will end up by the time they’re done moving around.
2 – Multiple Man – A core staple of any move deck, and you’re gonna want to slap Hulkbuster on that bad boy so he keeps leaving superpowered clones of himself everywhere.
2 – Cloak – One of your key pieces to actually guy all your guys moving around the board and powering up.
3 – Doctor Strange – Forge synergizes here so you can make sure he’s targeting things like Vulture or Multiple Man to buff them even further after they get pulled.
3 – Vulture – One of the core “big boys” of this deck given how much he gets buffed while moving. Watch out for Shang Chi
3 – Hulkbuster – Primary Hulkbuster target is Multiple Man, but Torch after that. Otherwise, sort of whoever.
4 – Miles Morales – Just free power during one of your turns with his cost reduction
6 – Heimdall – Another move deck staple for one final round of buffs, but he makes calculating the final lane math notoriously difficult. Just makes sure that he doesn’t actually lose you the game by accident when you might have won actually not shoving everything left that final turn.
So yeah, sort of a weird deck with four two drops, three three drops and zero five drops, but these small boys and girls get big over time, and move decks are more strategic than others, I’d say, in terms of how you lay your board out. Enjoy.
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