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Alright, I guess I’m just going to keep doing these until I run out of decks here, because people seem to be interested in what I’m running. So, today’s Marvel Snap strategy guide will talk about a destroy deck, which revolves around, you guessed it, destroying your own cards, which is not as dangerous as it sounds, and a pretty key mechanic in the game.
Here’s the deck I am currently running in Pool 3, which required me to purchase Death from the rotating Token shop so I could really put the icing on the cake here. It also features Wave, which makes this a version of a “Deathwave” deck that has been pretty popular on the ladder for a while. So, here’s the list:
1 – The Hood – Alright I’ll just explain one of the core concepts up front here, which is that this deck has a whole bunch of 1 drops that you can kill safely with your own Killmonger (in addition to any enemy one drops) which will drop the cost of Death very low, probably even to zero by the end of the game. Play Hood’s demon later so you don’t kill it with Killmonger
1 – Squirrel Girl – Two dead squirrels and a girl from Killmonger to feed the Death machine.
1 – Angel – You can play him and kill him, or he will replace one of your dead drops later.
1 – Nova – A Destroy Deck staple who will buff the power of all your other cards on death
1 – Yondu – Yondu is just annoying. I’m not quite sure if he counts as destroying an enemy card. I don’t think so?
Marvel Snap
2 – Bucky Barnes – Another pool 2 Destroy Deck essential which will summon the powerful Winter Soldier after his demise.
2 – Carnage – Well, someone has to start eating all these other cards. Venom can work here as well if you have him.
3 – Killmonger – For mass 1 drop death as mentioned
3 – Wave – Will reduce Death down to 4, or even below that, if other cards have already died. This may get nerfed in the future as it’s almost too good.
3 – Deathlok – For destroying cards, that’s it
Marvel Snap
6 – Death – Who you will play on turn 6 at probably zero energy, which then sets you up to also play…
6 – America Chavez – So you can drop both death and her on the same turn. I would mostly avoid playing death early outside of a Wave summon, given that she can be executed by Shang-Chi.
So, at baseline the strategy is get a bunch of 1 drops out, kill them with Killmonger. If you don’t have many out, you can try to summon death on turn 4 with a Wave play instead. Either way, Death is going to loom large over the board with a bonus of America showing up at the end. Enjoy your wins.
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