The best essential travel gadgets for summer 2022 –

Going on holiday? Of course you are – but what’s the tech that makes it into your suitcase?
As well as letting us escape the day-to-day drudgery of real life, the vacay vibes let you indulge the best tech.
Whether it’s snapping the right pics for your portfolio or speeding through your ever-growing to-read list, a holiday is the best way to do it.
We’ve looked over some of the best travel gadgets available in 2022 to come up with the ultimate go-to list for globetrotters.
So, you may need to book an extra carry-on, because you’re going to want to make space for some of this tech.
Removing the wrinkles from the clothes you crammed into your case isn’t always straightforward.
This lightweight handheld device laughs in the face of creases, eliminating them in seconds for a fresh and fabulous wardrobe. You’ll never have to use a hotel iron again.
You can thank us later.
Buy it for £60 from Argos.
Slide your smartphone into this gimbal-cum-selfie stick and footage will be shake-free, even when extended.
Collapsible, it transforms from a Bluetooth-connected selfie stick to a compact, bag-friendly thing in seconds.
A magnetic mount also means you can quickly attach and detach your phone between capturing content and posting it on Instagram.
Buy it for £139 from DJI Store.
One major concern many face while travelling is just how clean tap water is.
Using activated carbon and Nano Zero technology, this stainless steel bottle purifies whatever is poured into it to make it safe to drink.
Buy it for £39.95 from Larq.
As any experienced traveller will confirm, a good book is critical.
Cram your collection into Amazon’s latest electronic tome, which brings with it a big and improved 6.8in display, faster page turns and a battery that’ll keep going for up to ten weeks on a single charge.
Buy for £129.99 from Amazon.
Trying to save every drop of your smartphone’s battery when it’s cruising dangerously close to empty is the kind of mental trauma we could all do without while travelling.
With a full-sized USB port, a USB-C port and a wireless charging pad, this thing can charge up to three devices simultaneously to ensure you have enough juice for whatever adventure lies ahead.
Buy it for £46.99 from Ankler.
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Noise-cancelling earbuds do a great job of obliterating the boredom of lengthy travel days while allowing you to drown out airport cacophony or the screams of the baby sitting a few rows back.
Over-ear ’phones are brilliant but earbuds like these can be slipped in a pocket and don’t take up valuable bag space.
Buy it for £219.99 (available May 10) from Sennheiser.
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