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Tech lovers know the importance of a product being featured at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show run by the Consumer Technology Association every year in Las Vegas. The organization tracks trends and forecasts in consumer technology sales, showing off big innovations and giving the public a heads up about cool new products. The following unique gadgets were all featured at CES this year and promise to bring upgrades to different facets of your daily life with their innovative tech.

HUDWAY Glass is a genius invention that provides a safer, head-up display for any vehicle. Just use the HUD app on any smartphone in your car and the HUDWAY Glass will produce a 20% larger image from your phone to show you how fast you’re going, your navigation, or any other HUD app clearly on your windshield.

It’s 2022 — time to embrace technology and never lose your keys, wallet, or other gadget ever again. The Chipolo ONE helps you find lost things easily, just ring it with the Chipolo app or double click on Chipolo to find your smartphone. It works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri for hands-free help.

Want a tattoo, but just can’t commit? Have all the satisfaction of getting inked without that ‘forever’ aspect, thanks to the Prinker S Tattoo Device. It lets you print your own temporary tattoos from home — just choose from over 5,000 included designs or upload or sketch your own design.

Golf lovers will delight at the next CES-featured pick. The PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick lets golfers play no matter the weather, right from the comfort of their own home. This golf simulator lets you play golf anywhere via your own swing with a portable, easy-to-set-up interface.

Next up? Something for the music lovers, thanks to the Soundbrenner Smart Watch for Musicians. This wearable metronome watch lets you play and practice easily, with your tools right on your wrist. You’ll feel the beat with powerful, distinct vibrations that come right from your wrist.

The Eton Elite Executive AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB/Shortwave Radio with RDS & Custom Leather Carry Cover is both CES-featured and an Amazon’s Choice. It lets you receive every radio wavelength at home or abroad, and includes a PLL tuner so you have a strong AM signal, too. All with a leather case for easy portability.

The nomadplug World Traveler Adapter lets you plug in safely in 195 countries around the world. It’s lightweight and easy to keep in your bag, and keeps lasting after continuous use, making it easy to see why it has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler and Digital Trends and was a CES-featured product.

Finally, someone listened to our wildest dreams and created audio smart sunglasses. The FAUNA Designer Bluetooth Audio Smart Glasses let you play music and take hands-free calls while also providing a blue light filter to protect your eyes. They even come in a charging case for extra convenience.

No more selfies! The Pivo Pod Red Auto-Tracking Motion Smartphone Mount lets you take professional-level photos and videos totally solo, thanks to a remote control that works as your very own photographer. And its auto-tracking technology lets you get creative and snap unique, dynamic shots.

Meet the world’s first rollable tournament e-Chessboard: the Square Off Pro. It’s a smart chessboard equipped with AI that will adjust to your expertise level. You can train like a professional, play with friends, or challenge over 50 million other players on and Lichess with the Square Off App.
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