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Purina’s successful pet-care accelerator launches global search for the most innovative start-ups
Unleashed, powered by Nestlé Purina, Europe’s pioneering pet care accelerator, has launched the fourth iteration of its leading accelerator programme calling for the next generation of pet-care businesses to apply.
Now open to new entries from the UK, as well as across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Middle East, the 2023 programme is designed to drive the growth of participants, supporting the development of innovative new pet-care products, in particular data enabled pet owner and vet services, sustainable novel nutrition and well-being technologies. It aims to bring relevant and new products and services to the forefront of the industry, providing an enriching life for pets and their owners.
By the end of the 2023 application process, up to nine chosen start-ups will be accelerated for 20 weeks by Unleashed Champions and industry experts. This will include a thorough and structured, fully funded mutually agreed project up to £45,000, which will help to drive growth.
From its inception in 2019, Unleashed has been the driver of pet-care innovation and has helped to grow and connect the pet start-up ecosystem, providing impactful solutions for pet owners. Unleashed has had over 600 applications from 50 countries, accelerated 18 start-ups and has a roster of success stories. Previously backed entrepreneurs include: Puppyfat, a leading UK app for responsible breeding, and Borrow My Doggy, a UK-based online community connecting local dog owners with trusted borrowers.
Kim Bill, Head of the Purina Accelerator Lab, said: “Unleashed is seen as the best-in-class pet specific accelerator and trusted partner of choice for start-ups. And this is because we have a unique methodology with a team, as well as a whole network of passionate pet-care and pet-tech industry experts to help nurture, support and guide our start-ups towards their business objectives. I look forward to welcoming our 2023 cohort of partners very soon!”
To apply, simply go to Unleashed by Purina website to submit your application.
About Purina Accelerator Lab
Purina Accelerator Lab helps to grow the pet-care start-ups that will bring disruptive new technologies to make pet ownership an enjoyable and seamless journey.
The Lab offers resources to start-ups that are integrating technology into pet-care products and services in innovative ways. These resources include the Unleashed Accelerator Programme, the Unleashed Pet Tech Newsletter and community events to facilitate networking between investors and start-ups.
Being R&D powered, they are also able to offer deep pet, nutrition and category understanding, experience and capabilities to support the development of the selected start-ups.
For more information, visit the Unleashed by Purina website.
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