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Shiny Hunters will definitely want to know how they can get their hands on the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, different colored Pokemon that can be found in the wild or hatched from Eggs. Like its predecessor, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet completely abandon the Random Encounters method of finding and catching Pokemon. This means that Shiny Pokemon can be spotted in the overworld… as long as Pokemon trainers are paying close attention to their surroundings.
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Despite their rarity, there are certain ways to increase the odds of finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. If trainers can obtain the Shiny Charm, then the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon is split in half, making it easier for them to spawn in the wild. There's only one way to get the Shiny Charm in Scarlet/Violet, and it isn't easy.
In short, Scarlet/Violet players can obtain the Shiny Charm from Jacq, the biology teacher at Naranja/Uva Academy. They will need to complete the Pokedex in order to get the charm. This means catching every Pokemon in Paldea – not "seeing" them. Familiar fans of the series may already be familiar with this, as getting the Shiny Charm in Sword/Shield and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl required completing the Galar and National Pokedex respectively.
Each time a Pokemon is caught, its entry is registered into the Pokedex app. By opening the Pokedex with (-) and pressing (A), players can view every Pokemon they've seen/caught. Tap (X) to collect Pokedex Rewards, which are each time players catch a set amount of Pokemon. For example, 90 volumes/caught Pokemon gives x10 Nest Balls.
In short, here is how to get the Shiny Charm:
Shiny Pokemon do not have higher IVs or special moves than their normal-colored counterparts.
The exact odds of finding and hatching a Shiny Pokemon is 1 in 4096. With the Shiny Charm, this rate drops to 1 in 2044.To use the Shiny Charm, all trainers need to do is have it in their bag – that's it. Both Shiny Rates apply for wild Pokemon and those that are hatched from Eggs. There are a few ways to increase the odds of finding/hatching a Shiny Pokemon:
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Once Scarlet/Violet players make it into the postgame, they will be able to take part in 5-Star Tera Raid Battles. After beating the postgame's tournament, they'll unlock 6-Star Tera Raids. Whether 5-Star or 6-Star, Tera Raids have a small chance of giving Herba Mysticas as rewards. The reward output can be increased by having the Raid Power Meal Effect active.
If there are at least two Herba Mystica in a sandwich, it'll generate a Meal Effect called Sparkling Power. The Type of Pokemon that generates from Sparkling Power will depend on the ingredients and condiments. Herba Mystica can be added in Creative Mode during Picnics, and with two Herba Mystica, the Sparkling Power should be level 3.
The odds of finding a Shiny with the Sparkling Power Meal Effect bring it down to 1 in 1024. However, with the Shiny Charm decrease the odds of finding a Shiny by 1 in 683.
This involves breeding a Pokemon with another Pokemon of a compatible Egg Group (or a Ditto), but one of the Pokemon must be of a different language. This can be obtained by Trading with other Scarlet/Violet players online, or transferring them from one Scarlet/Violet save file (in a different language) to another in Pokemon HOME, which will be compatible with Scarlet/Violet in Spring 2023.
With the Shiny Charm, the Masuda Method lowers the Shiny Rate down to a 1 in 512.
Every day at 12am local, new Mass Outbreakers will appear in Paldea. As their name indicates, Mass Outbreaks are when a large amount of Pokemon of the same species start cropping up in a specific area. Mass Outbreaks are indicated by a Pokemon's icon with a faint "red aura" around them on the map. If the Pokemon has not yet been seen by the player (ie: not in the Pokedex), then there will be a question mark instead.
What Scarlet/Violet players should do is check the Map (with Y-button). Zoom out with ZR to see which Mass Outbreaks are occurring. Once player identify the Pokemon and their Typing, set up a Picnic and get the Sparkling Power Meal Effect. Go to the Mass Outbreak and have a high-leveled Lead Pokemon auto-battle with R button.
The Lead Pokemon will not engage a Shiny Pokemon in Auto Battle, so feel free to let the Lead Pokemon KO as much as it wants. Wandering too far away from the active Pokemon will cause it to return to its Ball, so try to stay close.
A Mass Outbreak with the Shiny Charm and the Sparkling Power will increase the odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon by 1 in 585/512 depending on the number of Pokemon in the Outbreak. 30+ Pokemon will generate 1 in 585 while 60+ will generate 1 in 512.
Shiny Pokemon will not sparkle from a distance or play a "chiming" sound when they spawn on the map, like they did in Legends: Arceus. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to detect them – especially small Pokemon like Smoliv or Foongus. Pokemon with barely any color differences (like Tadbulb) will be even harder to distinguish.
If players aren't sure if a Pokemon is Shiny, they should send out their Pokemon to Auto Battle.
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.
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