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Fortnite’s journey with both Marvel and DC is not done yet, as the game just released a new Starfire skin in the shop last night, and a bit of news says that an upcoming battle pass skin is headed back to the Marvel universe again, albeit a different corner of it.
A number of high profile Fortnite leakers have come together to say that Chapter 3, Season 4, will feature Gwen Stacy from Into the Spider-Verse as a battle pass skin.
This will likely give Gwen at least two different skins, one in her full Spider-Gwen suit and one in street clothes, if I had to guess. This does seem to be the Into the SpidervVerse movie-specific version of Gwen, not some other version from the comics, so I would expect her to reflect that animation style somewhat too.
This also of course raises questions about the appearance of Miles Morales, and I don’t think it’s really a question of if he will also appear in the game, but how. It’s possible he may be the “secret” skin to be unlocked through challenges, or he could end up sold in the store.
While this may serve a cross-promotion for the second SpiderVerse film, that movie not due out until the summer of 2023, so it’s not exactly timed to align with that release. And if it is for that movie, we could also see a Spider-Man 2099 skin, who should be the villain in that film, and is voiced by Oscar Isaac.
Miles Morales remains one of the higher profile characters that has not yet arrived in Fortnite, as we are well past putting most of the Avengers in the game, and the X-Men are starting to stack up too. We’re missing the Fantastic Four, which also come to mind, but I think it’s a good idea to go to one of the most beloved Marvel projects of the last decade for a crossover, one that exists outside the MCU and Sony’s own weird spider-movies entirely.
Fortnite season 4 arrives in about two weeks, and we just got our first leaked teaser for it yesterday, which features what we believe is Brie Larson’s Paradigm, who will have a major role in the storyline that ends this season and begins the next one. After a season of “chill vibes” it seems we will be thrown back into another Seven-based conflict soon enough. And we’ll have new Marvel allies to help us, it seems.
I would not expect this to be the last leak we see ahead of the new season, so stay tuned for more of those in the coming days, no doubt.
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