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Ms. Marvel
I’ve been keeping an eye on Ms. Marvel reviews, and now with 161 critic reviews scored, it’s probably time to make it official. Ms. Marvel is not only the highest scoring Disney Plus MCU TV series with its 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, that score puts it above every MCU movie as well.
As it stands, here is the top 15 list of MCU scores, which includes both Disney Plus series and all the movies:

Three other Disney Plus shows make the list, What If…?, Loki and WandaVision. But Ms. Marvel is unseating even the previous champion, Black Panther, and its 96% which seemed like it might never be topped.
Ms. Marvel
It’s not out of the question that Ms. Marvel could still lose a point or two as even more reviews come in. Even critics with screeners have not seen the full series yet, and it will be five more weeks until season 1 is done.
Despite scoring so well, a second season of Ms. Marvel is not guaranteed. We know for a fact that Ms. Marvel is going to appear in The Marvels in 2023, so that may have always been the plan rather than there being a second season of the show. We’ve seen this with a few successful series, where some have been left in limbo, and others have transitioned into film. Only two Disney Plus series have confirmed second seasons right now, What If…? and Loki.
As I noted in a past article, there are contingents attempting to review bomb Ms. Marvel on the user side. Rotten Tomatoes has already deleted large swaths of low-scored user reviews, while IMDB has seen 1 star rating spam to drive its overall score down below every other Disney Plus series. It’s part of the eternal “woke” culture war, except when questioned, no one can point to anything defined as “woke” in Ms. Marvel other than the fact that she exists as a lead character who is a Pakistani Muslim girl. Most professional critics view that sort of focus on a new kind of hero as a plus.
Even if Ms. Marvel ends up slipping a point or two, this is one of the MCU’s biggest success stories in an entertainment franchise full of endless success stories. We’ll see where things go next week.
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