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There may be two chapters left of Warriors of Wakanda, but we couldn't wait to preview what's next in store for MARVEL SNAP!
Take a peek at MARVEL SNAP's next season, The Power Cosmic, and our newest feature, the Token Shop. We may be bringing this Dev Update video earlier than usual, but we have so much to share—Series 4 and Series 5 cards are incoming! The Power Cosmic season will also feature the Silver Surfer, new featured locations, and tons more seasonal rewards.
Watch our latest Dev Update video to learn more about the Token Shop, Series 4 and 5 cards, and more in the upcoming season!

So what is the Token Shop for, exactly?
First, let’s talk about targeting. Starting in the next patch, Collector’s Tokens can be found in Collector’s Caches or Reserves, which are the boxes on the Collection Level Track starting at Level 500. You can use Tokens in the Token Shop to acquire cards you don’t have yet. The Token Shop rotates every 8 hours, and because these cards rotate so often, you’re likely to see a card you’ve been waiting for relatively quickly. If you don’t have the Tokens on-hand, no problem—you can pin the card in the shop so it won’t rotate, and buy it when you have enough Tokens.
With this system, you’ll be able to make constant progress towards unlocking the cards you want most! Cards have always been split into separate Series (or what some players are calling “Pools”). You must earn every card in Series 1 before you can earn cards in Series 2, and every card in Series 2 before you can start earning cards in Series 3.
So, how can you get Collector’s Tokens? 
Collector’s Tokens are replacing Boosters in Collector’s Caches and Reserves. Collector’s Caches and Reserves will have a 25% chance to drop 100 Tokens each, but once players have all of the Series 3 cards, they’ll have an additional ~22% chance to get 400 Tokens—a significant increase.
And that's not all!
We’re adding 2 exciting new Series of rare cards: Series 4 and Series 5.
We’re launching Series 4 with 10 new cards. Unlike earlier series, Series 4 cards can be found in Collector’s Reserve boxes whether you have all the Series 3 cards or not. These cards are quite rare; they are 10 times more rare than Series 3 cards. If you’re looking for something specific, you can always target it in the Token Shop.
Series 5 launches with 6 new cards, including Thanos and Galactus. These are the rarest cards in the game. They can also be found in Collector’s Reserves, but they’re 10 times rarer even than Series 4! When we release new cards, or when Season Pass cards are no longer available in their Season Pass, they’ll be temporarily added to Series 5. We don’t expect players to get every new Series 5 card immediately, since not every card is going to be good or useful for every player. You’ll have to decide which of these cards are worth saving Collector’s Tokens for.
Over time, some cards will be moved down from Series 5 to Series 4, and some cards will be moved from Series 4 to 3. This ensures that players starting later aren’t going to experience an enormous gap between a new player and one who’s been playing for years. And it means that if you aren’t sure you want to spend the full Token price on a new Series 5 card, you can wait until it gets cheaper. We’re still figuring out the exact details of cards moving between Series—it’s a whole new system and we are eager to see how players engage with it. But our goal is that cards generally take months, not years, to move down Series.
We wanted to do something fun to celebrate these big new changes, and to get you started in the Token Shop. When you log into the new patch, we’ll start you off with a gift of a bunch of Tokens!
For players currently under 500 Collection Level, they’ll be granted 3,000 Tokens when they unlock the Token Shop at Collection Level 500! We’re excited about adding a bunch of brand-new cards to the game, and can’t wait for players to finally be able to pick and choose which cards they want to earn next with their Collector’s Tokens.

This is a big change for MARVEL SNAP, but it’s just the beginning. Lots more awesome features, cards, and game modes to come, so stay tuned!
Get in on the action now! MARVEL SNAP is available in 13 languages across the world and available for download now on mobile and early access PC:
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