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Eternals producer Nate Moore has spoken about the future of one shock character, and Harry Styles’ Eros could change the MCU in a big way.
Harry Styles' debut as Eros in Eternals was an unexpected addition, but the character's future could significantly change the origins of the Eternals in the MCU. Even though Eternals was one of Phase 4's most divisive projects, the film set up several important plot points that would affect the future of the MCU in some major ways, not only introducing the immortal and super-powerful Eternals, but also exploring the mythos of the Celestials. In a surprise post-credits scene, Harry Styles made an appearance as Eros, another Eternal, whose existence in the MCU has seen more development after Eternals producer Nate Moore made some exciting reveals.
Speaking to Deadline in their Crew Call Podcast, Moore confirmed that Harry Styles' inclusion in Eternals wasn't simply for fan service or just a tag, but that the character would have a rich future in the MCU, information that has been reinforced by Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. In the interview, Moore stated that "there are more stories to be told with [Eros]," and that "there's no limit to how good [Eros is] going to be." This all but confirms that Styles will return in future MCU projects, and his return could mean some big changes to the Eternals' origins that have already been revealed in the MCU.
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Eros debuted in Marvel Comics during 1973's The Invincible Iron Man #55, a member of the Eternals race, a genetic offshoot of humanity after early humans were subjected to Celestial experiments. Born on Titan, Eros' brother is Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin during the MCU's Infinity Saga. Both Eros and Thanos are Eternals, though Thanos carries the Deviants gene, giving him his purple physique. As a superhero, Eros operates as Starfox, though he has also been viewed as one of Marvel's most problematic characters due to his overt objectification of women, so this will certainly be something that Marvel Studios needs to address with Harry Styles' portrayal of the character.
It was revealed in the Eternals post-credits scene that the MCU's version of Eros is still Thanos' brother, and this was corroborated by Nate Moore during his interview with Deadline's Crew Call Podcast. Moore mentioned that "they're half-brothers and share the same father," suggesting that Eros' origin in the MCU has changed from his comic counterpart, but this also marks some even more significant changes for the MCU as a whole. Thanos was never announced to be an Eternal during his Marvel Studios tenure, but Eros' inclusion in Eternals could provide confirmation that this is, in fact, the case, which sets up some major future stories.
In Marvel Comics, the Celestials were revealed to have visited Earth a million years ago, experimenting on early proto-humans, which led to the development of the Eternals, the Deviants, and a latent gene that would eventually manifest itself in Mutants. Though the Deviants became grotesque, the Eternals developed into god-like figures who were practically immortal and expressed remarkable abilities. After a civil war between the Eternals, a group of the species left Earth and founded a new society on Saturn's moon, Titan. Despite being godly and seemingly all-powerful, the Eternals were still biological beings, which was one of the biggest changes when the species was adapted for the MCU.
Many expected the MCU's Eternals to stay true to their comic counterparts, particularly since the Celestials have been teased throughout various Marvel Studios projects, so it could have been assumed that they'd have a part to play in Earth's history. However, Eternals revealed that the team shown in the Phase 4 film weren't biological beings at all, but in fact were machines designed by the Celestials in the World Forge. Marvel Studios has made many changes to storylines and characters when adapting them for live-action, but this Eternals change was perhaps the most significant, and has become even more confusing with recent reveals about Eternals' characters.
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The fact that Nate Moore has revealed that Eros' father is also Thanos' father means that he couldn't have been created by the Celestials, even though he has been confirmed to be an Eternal. This reveal leans more into the idea that the MCU's Eternals do share the same backstory as their comic counterparts, which effectively retcons the origins set out in Eternals. It would be easy for Marvel Studios to change the Eternals' backstory in the MCU since the Celestials haven't been shown to be the most reliable source of information, particularly if they're only out to expand their own species at the expense of billions of other individuals.
It could be revealed that Arishem, the Celestial judge featured in Eternals, was lying to the Eternals team on Earth, which could have been in an effort to make Sersi and her teammates feel more disconnected from humanity, therefore allowing them to proceed with the emergence of Tiamut. This would be the perfect way to retcon the origin story of the Eternals, which contributed to the scrutiny that Eternals found itself facing. Thanos' backstory in the MCU could also be adapted after this reveal, confirming him to be an Eternal himself, despite this being something that was never announced during his time in the MCU.
In the comics, the Eternals were a hugely important part of humanity's history, contributing to several mythological figures, and while this was demonstrated in the MCU, since the Eternals came to Earth around 7000 years ago, they were never directly connected to humanity. One of the things that makes the Eternals so exciting is the fact that they're not some otherworldly race of extraordinary beings but that their roots were on Earth. If their backstory in the MCU is changed to mean that they are the descendants of ancient humans, they'll feel much more relevant to the MCU and have a better connection to the modern-day heroes, especially the mutants.
Mutants have been introduced slowly to the MCU in Phase 4, and this will continue to develop as the Multiverse Saga continues. In the comics, mutants and Eternals are intrinsically linked, as they both stem from the same Celestial experiment. This means that the MCU's backstory for mutants would make far more sense if Eternals were also thrown in the mix. An Eternals backstory change would be a positive one, and Eternals might have already started this by debuting Harry Styles as Eros.
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