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Fans can watch God of War Ragnarok’s Kratos and iconic wrestler Triple H duke it out in this gamer’s WWE 2K22 highlight reel.
Avid God of War players are already familiar with how Kratos fights, but one decided to change it up and put him in WWE 2K22. The latest game in the WWE 2K franchise is best known for its next-gen graphics and detailed create-a-wrestler (CAW) customization.
Since the release of God of War Ragnarok, players have taken to social media to share all the Easter eggs they encountered in the game, and the funny interactions between Kratos and other characters. Many have also taken it to the next level and created original content using Kratos, Atreus, and more.
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For YouTuber Bestintheworld, they decided to recreate Kratos in WWE 2K22. The wrestler looked exactly like Kratos as he sported his signature bald head and full beard, red tattoos, and his default outfit in the newer God of War games. He also had Triple H's move set and finisher, known as the Pedigree, which he used to beat the iconic wrestler in the game.
The minute-long video was viewed over 6,700 times and garnered multiple thumbs-ups. One even requested the YouTuber to recreate Marvel's Thanos and DC's Darkseid in WWE 2K22, and to put them in a match together. With Bestintheworld's content focused mostly on doing funny challenges and playing around with CAWs, it's possible that Kratos won't be the last WWE 2K crossover.
Coincidentally, many fans have wanted Triple H to play Kratos in a live-action God of War movie. They noted that the wrestler looked exactly like Kratos with his bald head and beard. Plus, he has the muscles and right amount of gruffness for the role. It's not unusual for WWE stars to star in movies. One of the most notable examples being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has starred in many movies, including Black Adam. However, in Triple H's case, it might be unlikely since he's currently busy being chief content officer of WWE.
God of War Ragnarok seems to have reignited fans' adoration for Kratos. The character may be known for being serious and strict, especially towards his son Atreus, but players would find ways to find humor in the game. For instance, one compared scenes from God of War Ragnarok to the Shrek movies. A live-action movie starring Triple H might not be happening in the foreseeable future, but at least the God of War community seem hard at work to provide fun content.
WWE 2K22 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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