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Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated their six year wedding anniversary on Wednesday.
The couple each shared heartfelt videos on Instagram about the milestone.
“Doing life with you has been everything I’ve hoped for, dreamt of, and more,” Ciara wrote in her post, which included a video highlight reel of her and Wilson’s life together. “It’s the best feeling in the world waking up to you everyday. I’m a better woman because of you. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Happy Anniversary Mi Amore. My Best Friend. I love you so much @DangeRussWilson.”
“God is Good! Year 6. Forever to Go,” she added.
In the comment section, the NFL star responded to his wife’s note, expressing the “joy” he has for her and their three children.
“Mrs. Wilson. You have filled my heart with joy since the moment I met you,” he wrote. “Loving you and Future, Sienna, and Win is the greatest blessing and gift ever. Cheers to Year 6. Cheers to Love. Cheers to Us. Mi Amore.”
In a separate Instagram post commemorating the anniversary, Wilson recalled the first time he met the singer.
“I walked into the room for the first time… and I was speechless,” he wrote. “Not because I didn’t have the words to say, but because God answered my prayers. My prayers of finding someone with love, joy, peace, a vision, a desire to impact the world, and a passion for raising a family together… that was you.”
“God has blessed us for the past 6 years of Marriage with our 3 beautiful children and an overflow of laughter, love, & life,” Wilson added. “Cheers to forever. Happy Anniversary my love. I Love You Mrs. Wilson.”
In his video highlight reel that he posted on Intagram, Wilson also shared a few clips of their kids reciting sweet messages to their parents, celebrating their anniversary.
“Happy anniversary of six years,” Ciara’s son Future Zahir said. “I love you, you’re so nice, and you take care of me and put food on my plate.”
Zahir is Ciara’s son from her previous relationship with rapper Future.
“Happy sixth anniversary, mommy and daddy,” Wilson and Ciara’s daughter Sienna Princess said in the video. “My favorite part about you is playing with you and singing with you.”
Ciara and Wilson married on July 6, 2016, four months after Wilson proposed. “We are the Wilsons,” they each wrote on social media, confirming their union.
Wilson then made another proposal to the “Level Up” singer when she guest hosted the “Ellen Degeneres Show” in March, asking his wife if she was willing to have another baby.
“I have a question for you. Serious question,” Wilson started. “Can we have more babies? I mean, it would be perfect. Just give me one more at least.”
Ciara laughed.
Ciara gave birth to the couple’s second child together, son Win Harrison, in 2020. The singer shared the news on Instagram with a video of herself singing “Happy Birthday” to the newborn.
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