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Combining travel and technology, these smart suitcases were created to make heading on holiday as seamless as possible
ith research and development teams optimising the travel experience at every turn with the launch of impressive smart travel gadgets, a new type of luggage has emerged that does a lot more than just carry your clothes.
From frequent business travelling to mini getaways, we’ve got the details on some of the most exciting smart luggage available right now.
Many features that define these newly developed products include power banks that charge your electronic devices, electronic baggage tags, GPS tracking and TSA approved locks.
The TSA (Transport Security Administration) is a US agency with strict guidelines that stipulate any suitcase can be opened and searched for security purposes, including the forced opening of any non-compliant locks. So if you’re travelling stateside and want to secure your luggage you’ll need an update on your lock. However, due to the tech minded approach of smart luggage, companies are now making TSA compatible locks which can be opened using a special TSA master key. Some particularly smart locks include a function that will turn a small light on the lock red, indicating a master key was used.
This being said, regulations have been placed on these new forms of luggage based in part on the lithium battery included in many. Smart luggage with non-removable batteries are banned and you are unable to check-in luggage that contains these lithium batteries.
With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best smart luggage brands that fit these regulations and make for more efficient and very smart travelling.
The Away suitcases have everything you can want in a suitcase. A lightweight polycarbonate unbreakable shell exterior? Check. An interior compression system for over packers? Check. A removable laundry bag? Yep…and these features are just the icing on the cake.
The brand’s suitcases also have 360 degree wheels, a built-in USB with removable 37-watt lithium-ion battery located underneath the handle, a TSA approved combination lock and it available in a large range of colours including red, green, pink and white to make them easily identifiable. If you’re looking for a slightly larger suitcase, then check out the Bigger Carry-On which offers more space whilst still fitting in the overhead locker for most airlines.
Take your new suitcase for a literal spin with this motor powered suitcase. Travelling up to six km/h, you’ll never be late for your plane again. The size meets the requirements for hand luggage and the removable power bank makes it TSA compliant and allows you to check it in without problems. As the picture shows, this suitcase is made of solid stuff and the wheels are high quality and puncture resistant.
Struggling to make sense of all the new cabin luggage restrictions on certain airlines? Rest assured that this XD Design backpack will fit comfortably under your seat whilst offering you plenty of space to pack your clothes and other essentials. The best part? It has hidden zippers and pockets as well as being cut-resistant thanks to the extra protective layers at the front of the bag – ideal for travelling around in foreign countries or when you’re homebound.
It has a capacity of 11L and has compartments for both a laptop and a tablet so you don’t have to choose which electronic gadget to take with you on holiday. Impressively the USB port connects to a power bank inside meaning you’ll never run out of battery mid-way through navigating your way back to the hotel. It comes in three bright colours.
This hard-shell travel suitcase is smart both inside and out. Alongside a USB port to keep your electronics charged, there is also a 3-in-1 cup holder that doubles up as a phone holder and is located at the back so no more spilling coffee as you run to the gate on the other side of the airport. It comes in three colours and various sizes.
Luxury leather travel brand Carl Friedrik has had immense success with its carry-on travel luggage since the collection launched in 2019 and you can see why. Featuring an expandable design, the Carry-on Pro can reach a depth of 27cm making it perfect for longer trips. The hard shell integrated pocket protects your electronic devices from getting damaged and the storage space is apt enough for laptops, phones and important documents.
The secure zipless TSA compliant lock frame is innovative and useful as it does way with zips jamming or breaking when we’ve tried to squeeze too many outfits into our luggage. There is also an integrated battery to charge your devices and an impressively silent set of 360 degree spinner wheels.
Available in navy and black with the option for different wheel colours, the G-Ro suitcases stand-out from the rest for their large, high manoeuvrable wheels. This star feature allows you to roll the luggage over any terrain and in all different weathers, from taking it up and down stairs, to pushing it through the snow – anything is possible. The ultra-durable cases have a removable power band and a Bluetooth luggage tracker for an added layer of security in case your belongings get lost or stolen.
Available to order from the US, the first motorised suitcase has arrived across the pond. Saving you from carrying around a heavy suitcase, this variation actually carries you. Modobag can travel for 6 miles without needing to be recharged and has speeds of up to 8mph – and yet it still remains relatively lightweight for when you need to pull it. It also comes with a dual USB charging port for your electronics and optional GPRS tracking so you’ll never lose your suitcase again.
After smart luggage with an equally smart look? The Horizn cabin suitcase with it’s hard, protective exterior comes in a range of 13 colours from glossy lemon to dark olive. It has impressive sustainable credentials – the suitcase is entirely vegan and is made in a way that is 99 per cent waste-free.
It features two USB charging ports and an integrated smart power bank – that is easily removable in case you need to check in your luggage.
The compression pad is also a nifty addition as it helps maximise storage capacity and stops the contents of your suitcase moving about – ideal for keeping those ironed clothes pristine. Four sizing options are available making Horizn perfect for both cabin baggage and checked-in luggage.
We love Away’s luggage for all the smart features such as the built-in USB chargers, the range of colours and the lightweight shell exterior – and all this for an affordable price tag that will have you and your luggage travelling smart.


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