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A PlayStation Store listing indicates AEW Fight Forever will support up to 30 players in multiplayer, giving it a big advantage over WWE 2K.
All Elite Wrestling has long positioned Fight Forever as a rival to 2K Games’ WWE series. That former WWE 2K developer Yuke’s is helming the upcoming project heightens the rivalry tenfold.
Though the game’s slated to launch in 2023, a whole host of details about Fight Forever remain under wraps.
A PS Store listing hinting at an incredibly ambitious multiplayer component has raised even more questions about the wrestling title.
Twitter user Faseless recently captured a screenshot from the PlayStation Store that features the following Fight Forever bullet point: “Supports up to 30 online players with PS Plus.” (Notably, this quote doesn’t appear on PSN’s desktop version as of writing, though it does feature in the PS App.)
Given that the likes of WWE 2K22 only host up to eight online users, such a feature could constitute a huge win for Yuke’s and Co.
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Understandably, hopeful Fight Forever players are confused by this revelation. “This does not seem possible for a wrestling game,” one person wrote in response to the above tweet. Several other users echoed the same line of thinking.
But many assume it could relate to the Casino Battle Royale game mode. In real-world AEW competitions, there’s a Tag Team version of Casino Battle Royale that features 30 participants split into 15 tag teams.
Perhaps AEW and Yuke’s mean to replicate this match type in an online setting for the interactive experience. Whatever the case, if Fight Forever can support that many players at once, it’ll certainly have quite the advantage over its competitor.
AEW Fight Forever hits consoles and PC on an unspecified date in 2023.


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