Adelanto High School Senior Earns Full Scholarship to Brown University – NBC Southern California

There’s the old saying “it takes a village” and that certainly applies to staff members at a high school in the high desert.
Thanks to their extraordinary efforts, one of their students got a full scholarship to an Ivy League school.
In just a matter of months, Rayna Franklin will no longer be walking the halls of Adelanto High School.
In the fall she’ll be heading to college.
With a 4.7 GPA Franklin is at the top of her class. She’s had many invitations to visit high profile universities.

“I really like Wellesley and Bernard which are all girl schools,’ Franklin said.
Franklin also got an opportunity to take summer classes at Brown University, a prestigious Ivy league school in Rhode Island.
But Franklin’s family couldn’t afford it.
Franklin’s guidance counselor knew it was worth it so she started looking for ways to get her to Brown.
“I thought about our Heritage Program and I asked if there were any funds available to support her,” said Amy Stone, a school counselor.
At the time the Heritage Program which helps guide students toward a college career had not even started yet.
It had been introduced by the Victor Valley Union High School District so there were no funds.
“It provides tutoring and mentoring,” said Dr. Aleka Jackson-Jarrell, of the Heritage Program.
Dr. Jackson-Jarrell is the program coordinator.
She knew Franklin’s potential and was determined to raise the $1,500 needed to pay for the Brown visit.
“I have a network on Facebook that will support any endeavor that I put for our students because they love and support our students as well,” Jackson-Jarrell said. “So I put in on my Facebook page and in a day we raised money for her ticket and spending money while she was there.”
Turns out the trip was really worth it.
In December, Brown University offered Franklin a four year scholarship.
“Rayna is just one of those examples of it is possible no matter what your background is,” said Ebony Purcell, the high school principal.
It also really helps to have a strong support system.
“It takes a village and I believe in that philisophy that it takes a village to help our students,” Stone said.
Franklin is grateful to be part of it.
“It’s nice to know that there are people behind you,” Franklin said. “People can help guide you and that you know are invested in you as a person and not only where you are going.”


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