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You like to be in the know. So today’s roundup of the 10 coolest gadgets you’ve never seen before is for you. Yep, we’re highlighting a race car simulator that looks like modern art, a robot that carries your shopping, and more. There’s no doubt about it; these products are cool.
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Want a luxurious gaming setup? The Prodrive Racing Simulator is both splurgy and stunning. Designed to look like a contemporary sculpture, it takes race simulations to a new level.
Run more errands on foot with the gitamini cargo-carrying robot. This cute robot rolls behind you and can handle up to 20 pounds of shopping, gear, or whatever. It encourages people to walk more and drive less.
Ready to be impressed? Check out these cool gadgets.
See what’s happening in the real world during VR experiences with the Meta Quest Pro VR headset thanks to its open periphery design. Moreover, the display is 40% thinner than its predecessor’s.
Get it for $1,499.99 on the official website.

Save time and resources while building with the HP SitePrint construction layout robot. It autonomously prints digital layouts on the floor and reproduces them accurately. Plus, it’s easily portable.
This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA. Visit the official website to sign up for an early access program.
Game in luxury with the Prodrive Racing Simulator concept home furniture. Its sweeping form and glossy finish make it the focal point of any room. Meanwhile, the wrapping design gives the driver an incredibly immersive experience, which is why it made our list of cool gadgets you’ve never seen before.
This gadget is priced at $43,600. Reserve yours on the official website.
Your workspace is anything but ordinary when you have the MelGeek Pixel LEGO-compatible mechanical keyboard. It includes RGB lights and hot-swappable keys. Then, the LEGO-inspired design allows you to customize almost every aspect of this keyboard.
Preorder it for $189 on Kickstarter.
Who says your fridge has to stay the same color? When you have the LG MoodUp refrigerator, you can switch things up. Select from 22 colors for the upper door panel and 19 colors for the lower. There are also themes, including Mood, Season, Place, and Pop.
This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA.
Want to run more errands on foot instead of taking the car? It’s possible with the gitamini cargo-carrying robot, which is another of our favorite cool gadgets you’ve never seen before. It walks behind you, carrying up to 20 pounds of gear for up to 21 miles.
Get it for $1,850 on the official website.
The LG OLED Flex LX3 bendable 42″ TV is undoubtedly one of the coolest gaming gadgets out there. That’s thanks to LG’s backlight-free, self-lit OLED technology. Meanwhile, you can expect the same quality LG TVs are known for: sharp contrast, deep blacks, and realistic colors.
This gadget is priced at $2,999. It’s so popular that it’s already out of stock. Sign up for availability notifications on the official website.
It’s easier than ever to work on the go with the Air.0 origami-inspired mouse. This innovative mouse folds flat, then transforms into a full-size 3D mouse. Moreover, it fits in laptop bags and sleeves without any annoying bulges.
Preorder it for about $49 on Kickstarter.
Design a workflow that fits your needs with the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories. Consisting of a mouse, shortcuts, and keyboard inputs, these gadgets enhance your productivity. Simply configure them to your specifications. They’re definitely some of those cool gadgets you’ve never seen before.
Get them starting for $14.99 on the official website.
Zip around town with the Bo M luggage-friendly electric scooter. Its premium steering technology, engineered-elastomer deck, and built-in luggage lock make it unique. It’s a whole new way to travel.
This gadget is coming soon, and its price is TBA. Join the waiting list on the official website.
These products mesh form with function, creating some pretty cool gadgets. Which ones impressed you the most? Let us know in the comment section.
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